Donate and help us to rescue and sex trafficking victim in the United Arab Emirates


In the shadows of the glamour and glitz of the United Arab Emirates is a world of unimaginable suffering. Women and young girls working in bars, nightclubs, hotels and the streets against their will – victims of sex trafficking.  Sex trafficking steals lives by exploiting women in unimaginable conditions. Send Them Home aims to rescue, repatriate, and rebuild the lives of these women, bringing them from despair to hope. We need your help.

The Mission:

Our mission is to rescue genuine victims, provide a safe route back home and ongoing support. Once we have rescued the victims we usually take them to a safe house to give us time to make a plan for exiting the UAE. We will recover their passports or liaise with the consulate to obtain emergency travel documents. We will file a police report and then, depending on the merits of each case, follow the required route for obtaining clearance to leave the UAE. Where applicable we purchase clothes for travelling for the victim and a small suitcase. We will purchase a cheap smartphone and credit to enable them to use data services and WhatsApp whilst they travel home. We give them a small amount of money for onward travel back home.

Your donation can help us turn their journey of fear and brutality into a story of triumph and dignity.

Post-Rescue Support:

Our work doesn’t end with rescue and repatriation. Once home we arrange for a medical check-up and provide basic treatment for the victim where needed.

Every donation, big or small, makes a tangible impact. Join us. Stand against trafficking. Empower survivors. Your support writes a story of hope and freedom. Let’s end trafficking together.

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